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welcome sign

First of all

Welcome to UPSA

Discover a community of undergraduate psychology students dedicated to enhancing your academic journey. Look no further, as opportunities for personal growth, meaningful connections, and personal development is something UPSA constantly provides.

Not to mention

Events and Activities

Discover a wide range of events and activities organized by UPSA to enhance your undergraduate psychology experience. From workshops to guest lectures, there's something for everyone.


And let's not forget

Resources and Support

Access valuable resources and support services provided by UPSA to help you navigate through your undergraduate psychology journey. Resources include but are not limited to; research, volunteer opportunities, perks, FAQ, etc.

About UPSA

The Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA) is a student group dedicated to representing and supporting undergraduate students in the Department of Psychology. Our mission is to enrich the undergraduate psychology experience by providing a sense of community, offering support and resources, and creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.

There are no fees to pay or membership cards; every student in the department of Psychology is represented by UPSA and is welcome to participate in any events we plan. If you would like to be more involved, we'd love to hear from you! Alternatively, you can contribute by supporting/participating in our events and fundraisers; the more support you give us, the more we can give back to you!

UPSA is currently located at 190 Dysart Rd on the UM Fort Garry Campus. We currently do not hold office hours.

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